Organizational Reviews

Create a synergistic culture of improved accountability, efficient workflows, and optimally aligned resources

Our Organizational Reviews analyze your school system’s organizational structure, communication channels, workflows, and process and performance management systems to identify improvement opportunities.

School systems must maximize their limited resources to fully support and create value-add experiences for students and staff. Whether you need to improve the organizational structure of an individual department/program or to examine organizational structures system-wide, our Organizational Reviews can help. Our Organizational Reviews provide in-depth assessments of current organizational structure, focus, processes, policies, and effectiveness. Through interviews, onsite observation, process walkthroughs, and local, state, and national peer comparatives, we provide you with an actionable, detailed improvement plan for optimal organizational alignment. Our Organizational Review can also include an assessment of job description and job classification systems. Many systems combine the Organizational Review with a comprehensive Compensation Study to help recruit and retain top talent.


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