Detailed Efficiency Reviews

Cost-effectively manage your non-instructional operations and increase resources available for the classroom

Our Detailed Efficiency Reviews can help you save money, achieve operational excellence, and better serve your students, staff, and community.

We use proprietary Lean Six Sigma techniques to assess and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of non-instructional areas in school systems. Our Detailed Efficiency Review is a “deep dive” into one or more of your departments. They involve detailed analysis of data provided, interviews with administrators and staff, on-site observation of work processes as they occur, and evaluation of current workflow. We provide commendations along with practical, actionable recommendations for improved efficiencies. Our areas of expertise for Detailed Efficiency Reviews include Facilities/Operations, Nutrition Services, Transportation, Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Instructional Technology, Federal Programs, and Student/Pupil Services.

“LEAN Frog has a unique set of skills and deep knowledge of operations that allows them to analyze what we are doing and provide meaningful and results-based solutions. . . The depth of understanding by LEAN Frog is incredible.  This is the service education has needed for a long time.” – Dr. Mike Daria, Superintendent, Tuscaloosa City Schools


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