Compensation Studies

Support your ability to attract and retain a motivated, high performing staff

We work with your leadership to review your existing pay and benefit system, conduct market analysis, and provide guidance on developing your compensation strategy and structure based on the unique environment in which your school system operates.

School systems must have a competitive compensation program to be viable in the education marketplace. This is necessary to both recruit and retain quality employees. Our comprehensive Compensation Studies help ensure system employees are fairly and equitably compensated. Starting with our Organizational Review, we identify any gaps in current job descriptions, job classification and compensation, and existing department/function processes. From there, we conduct a market analysis to identify compression or inequity problems and make recommendations for improvement. We work with your leadership to develop a compensation strategy that is aligned with your system’s mission and strategic goals. We provide a comprehensive communication plan to ensure timely and accurate communication occurs among all relevant parties throughout the process. We can even provide ongoing support in reviewing job descriptions for compensation classification.


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